KOUNTRY BOY KB4L 2 ( FOOLS DAY ) Mixtape

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    Black Pillz – Kountryboy & Ty Yung x DJ Barack O Holiday

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    Mixtape – Understand Me Pt 2

    My Poncahotas – 3Hearts x KJaye

    My Valentine – STRAP

    Erykah Badu, Top Hat AND 2 MPC

    Ricco Ratchett – Dreams Bigger Than My City(Mixtape)

    Ricco Ratchett – Dreams Bigger Than My City(Mixtape)f32bcadbeb46b1c54b72Click the cover to listen 

    Artists, Facebook and Fans

    A lot of us over look that life long fan base on social media, why are you pushing them away by not engaging them properly…

    I see many artists only using Facebook for promotion, so maybe this video will help you


    Is your Music Copyrights safe?

    This video will answer your questions about copyright laws, poorman’s copyright and registering your music with US.

    Bonus : How to Copyright Your Music



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